Levuka,Ovalau Island.....the heart of Fiji


When you stay in Levuka, your host will provide you with our Levuka brochure which includes a town map and all important info. Now it's up to you to explore by yourself or  see the people of the Levuka Community Centre. They have time for you and will explain about tours and day trips. At the same time you can have a look to the Levuka Museum, which is in the same building. contact: 00679 3440356 or email:  lbower@nationaltrust.org.fj

The Levuka Museum is in the original building of the Morris Hedstrom merchant company dating back to 1868.

You will find an interesting collection of historical artifacts as well as a large shell collection on display.

It also accomodates the Levuka Library.

Historical Walking Tour

The Levuka Historical Tour operates from the Community Centre daily. Take a guided tour with local Lydia Bower  and hear first hand bits and bobs about the town's magnificent history.

Enquiries contact: 00679 3440356

email: lbower@nationaltrust.org.fj

                                           And here is the place "Where it all began...."

                                                     The Deed of Cession

Once upon a time..........Fiji was ceded to the Queen of England exactly on this location in Levuka in 1874........1970 Fiji was declared independent again on the same spot. It's the 10th of October when we celebrate Fiji Day here.(see more in the Gallery)

On this site you are walking on history as on many other places in Levuka because this town retains many of its colonial buildings and is considered the most intact remaining example of colonial influence and life style in the South Pacific.   

This picturesque town was declared Fiji's first World Heritage Site by UNESCO in July 2013. (See more of the Heritage buildings in our photo Gallery).

If you need a break, there are several restaurants and coffee shops in town; we recommend the Whale's Tale and the Seaside Restaurant for a fruit juice, an ice cream and ...... 

The Whale's Tale Restaurant is located in the middle of town right on Beachstreet; it serves delicious European, Fijian and Indian food and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You can bring your own wine, beer ...or.....???

It's owned by a local lady "Helen" and you can meet all kind of Levuka folk here for a cuppa.

If you want to cool down, take a short drive to Ovalau Holiday Resort.....you can use the swimming pool or spent the day on the public beach right opposite.....their restaurant serves meals and drinks the whole day long.

If you like to get further out of town to visit places on Ovalau, let your hotel organise a "round the Island trip" for you or ask the taxi drivers in town......boats trips to near by smaller islands or fishing trips are also possible.......contact Lydia in the Community Center and ask for day trips. 

When you are back in town, the shops are waiting for you, supermarkets, internet cafe, bakeries .....there are always locals resting on the seawall.......enjoying the breeze.....open for a lovely little chat.

As a very well sorted shop we recommend

Gulabdas & Sons

Suncreen lotion, mosquito repellent, basic medicine like plaster, painkiller s.o.......and many more......just ask the friendly stuff and they will find what you need.

           And later then the restaurants and the clubs for  the last hours of the day......or until the early                            morning hours because the sunrise in Levuka is amazing.